If you have a podcast or create videos regularly you’ll want to find quotes and sound bites that you can use to promote your content on social media. However, this can be a little tedious. The way I used to do this for the podcast Kick in the Creatives that I co-host was to listen through the content skipping backwards and forwards. Then I would replay an excerpt a few times so I could write down the quote. But there is a far easier, quicker and free way to find podcast quotes and sound bites that I have recently discovered.

Otter ai to transcribe podcast for free and create podcast quotes

The easy way to find podcast quotes and soundbites to promote your podcast on social media

It’s a website called Otter.ai which transcribes your audio or video content. Now you can do that with other services like Rev.com but Otter.ai is free for 10 hours a month. Now before you get too excited, thinking you can use it for your podcast or video show notes, the free version is not that accurate. So if you wanted to use it for that purpose you would need to edit the transcription quite considerably. However, for finding podcast quotes and video or audio snippets it’s perfect.

There are both mobile and desktop versions of Otter.ai so download one of the versions sign up and upload a podcast or video. Then leave Otter.ai a while to work its magic. You will receive a notification once your transcription is done. Click on the finished file and you will see a transcribed text version of your podcast which is connected to the audio. This means that you can see exactly what time sections of the conversation took place. Scan through the text and using Otter’s highlighter tool, highlight interesting quotes or sections of text you could use to create social media graphics or videos.

Highlight text in Otter ai to make audiogram for podcast

You can also see the exact time stamps where the interesting quotes are so you can use them to create audiograms. These are mini videos, usually up to a minute in length which show an image and quote with a moving waveform to show that there is audio to listen too. I usually create these by making images in Adobe Illustrator and then pulling them into the video software After Effects.

Example Audiogram – Podcast Quote with Soundbite made into a video

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Posted by Kick in the Creatives on Monday, 30 September 2019


However, if you don’t have design software you could create the image in Canva or Adobe Spark and then pull them into an online application like Headliner or Waave. Waave also has the option directly within the application. If you need help creating a template in Canva I can help. If you would like social media graphics and audiograms creating for you directly from your podcast or video file just get in touch. I can schedule your content on social media too, leaving you to work on your business.